QOC Qld Ortho Clinic


The success of your surgery and a good surgical outcome is reliant upon team work.
The QOC team works effortlessly in collaboration to ensure your journey through surgery and rehab is as pleasant as possible.
Safety and communication is of paramount importance to us.
WE want to endeavour that your surgery happens at a minimal risk to your general health and if you have pre-existing medical conditions, they are optimised prior to the operation.
For this if you are undergoing a Major Surgical procedure you would be asked to consult with a Physician and the Anaesthetist. In addition you may need to review with your cardiologist, haematologist etc to get a green light to proceed with the operation.

Pre-operative Anaesthetic Review

The Anaesthetist will  ensure that you are briefed on the procedure and that your anaesthetic risks are evaluated. Your concerns about the surgery will be addressed. Pain  relief is addressed in detail during this consult.
 Anaesthetists use advanced Regional Anaesthesia  skills. The nerves around your joint are injected with a local anaesthetic drug under ultrasound guidance. This helps the surgeons in performing the procedure safely; but more importantly you will wake up with minimal pain, nausea and discomfort. 
Advanced local nerve block skills has helped QOC surgeons  achieve shorter hospital stays, minimal post operative pain and a quicker recovery.
You may be required to have a blood test or other relevant investigations (including ECG, echocardiogram, lung function tests, as required). We may also need to contact other specialists for surgical clearance if required.
Bring all your investigations and results to the clinics.

Pre-operative Physician Review

If you’re having major shoulder surgery or suffer from medical conditions you may be requested to gain a consultation with a Physician to ensure that you’re medically optimised and fit for surgery.