QOC Qld Ortho Clinic

Operating Day

Fasting Times

  • Be aware of the fasting time required before surgery. 
  • Consumption of food and liquids after the designated fasting times can have an impact on the Anaesthetist’s ability to put you to sleep for the surgery and this may result in deferment or cancellations. 
  • Please take your daily medications with a small amount of water, if this has been approved by the doctor.
  • If your surgery is booked after 2 pm have a light breakfast.


 Morning of the Operation and Arriving at the Hospital

  • Please shower normally before arriving at the hospital.
  • DO NOT use moisturisers, oils, balms, ointments on the limb being operated on.
  • Arrive at the Admissions Center at the scheduled appointment time.
  • An admission charge may be incurred by the hospital.
  • Advise the doctors if you have or have not stopped your blood thinning medications.
  • Please notify the Day Surgery Nursing staff of any cuts, bruises , skin rashes on the limbs.
  • Your arm/leg willl be cleaned with a sterile antiseptic solution of PINK chlorhexadine, this is important for the surgery. The Pink dye usually takes a week to fade off after surgery.
  • You will then meet the Anaesthetist for a Nerve block.

Pain Relief Nerve Block

Dr Gupta and his collaborating  Anaesthetists use advanced Regional Anaesthesia  skills. The nerves around your joint are injected with a local anaesthetic drug under ultrasound guidance. This helps Dr Gupta in performing the procedure with minimal blood loss but more importantly you will wake up with minimal pain, nausea and discomfort.
Advanced local nerve block anaesthetic skills has helped Dr Gupta achieve shorter patient hospital stays, minimal post operative pain and a quicker recovery. The anaesthetist will discuss the nerve block in detail with you in your presurgical consult.