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Dr Gina Hsu


Dr Hsing I Gina Hsu  is a Anaesthetist with  sub- specialist  training in Regional Anaesthesia and Acute pain.  Dr Hsu works at the Greenslopes Private hospital and specialises in preoperative management of each patient.

Dr Hsu completed her Medical degree from University of Auckland and completed her Fellowship in Anaesthesia and is  Fellow of the Australia and NewZealand College of Anaesthesia (FANZCA).

Gina prides herself as providing a tailored solution to each patient. Personalised Patient Care… 

“Surgery is a very intimidating experience for anyone, I want to ensure that I can care for each person and ensure they have minimal pain during this journey and all their questions and concerns are addressed. This is why I like to see all my patients before, during and everyday after surgery till they go home.” Dr Hsu



Dr Hsu completed her anaesthesia training in Queensland and worked at the Gold Coast Hospital , Princess Alexandra Hospital and Mater Hospital during Training.

She now practises in Greenslopes Private Hospital.





Pain Management Before and After Surgery

Before Surgery

Dr Hsu runs a comprehensive clinic which ensure patients are cared for in their  surgical journey. Most patients prior to surgery are seen by Dr Hsu in a preoperative consult. Here a detail examination is performed to titrate your individual surgical needs. This  is  to ensure your surgical procedure occurs without any problem.

In addition in this clinic a detailed consultation occurs around optimising your preoperative pain so that each patient can have a specifically designed pain management plan.


During Surgery

Dr Hsu employs state the art nerve blocks ( regional anaesthesia) where a freezing/ numbing local anaesthetic is injected near the nerves of your joints so that once you wake up after the surgery you have no to minimal pain. In addition minimal morphine is given during the surgery so patients wake up with minimal nausea and vomiting


After Surgery

Dr Hsu prides herself in looking after patients on a daily basis. Dr Hsu will come and visit you regularly after your surgery to ensure you have minimal discomfort and pain. This ensures a quicker discharge  home and quicker recovery.



Canada, France and German Training

Dr Hsu completed a one year Fellowship in Regional Anaesthesia and Acute pain Management in University of Western Ontario in London Ontario Canada. Here under the mentorship of Dr S Ganapathy, Dr Rakesh and Dr S Dhir  she was able to train on advanced state of the art techniques to minimise surgical pain.

The hospitals on UWO pride themselves is optimising pain management such that Total Knee Replacements Hip Replacements, Shoulder Replacements have become day surgical procedures.

This training was priceless in forming my practise at Greenslopes.

Dr Hsu also did short  3 months fellowships in France and Germany further learning advanced regional anaesthesia skills for knee, shoulder, hand and footing ankle  surgery.

Most surgical departments overseas regional anaesthesia / nerve blocks are a dominant factor in minimising pain and quicker discharge


Dr Hsu is a part of the Shoulder Surgery Research Institute (SSQRI) and actively participates in studies and clinical trials that are undertaken by this dedicated research facility housed within QOC